Car wash


Automatic car wash Jimboomba

Touchless Automatic Car Wash

Experience a superior clean in our brushless automatic car wash. Have your car washed for you in a matter of minutes. We use only the finest of cleaning chemicals & high-pressure water to have you all clean & back out on the road as quickly as possible. It’s perfectly safe for your paint & we recommend regularly washing in the auto to maintain your vehicle. Accepts cash + tap & go payments. Please note – there is a height limit of 2.1 to use this wash.

Self serve car wash Jimboomba

Self Service Bays

If you’ve put your vehicle through its paces & it’s covered in built up dirt, baked on bird pooh or heavy grime then the manual bays are best for you. Use the friction of the FoamBrush to loosen it up & wash away the dirt with the high pressure soap. There’s plenty of chemicals to choose from, including tyre & engine cleaner through to wax & spot free rinse. There is a change machine on site & the bays also accept tap & go payments.

Dog wash Jimboomba

Dog Wash

Clean your furry friend with the K9000 Dog Wash. Pamper your pooch with dog-friendly chemicals. This time-based dog wash area has a closed in yard to ensure those dogs who aren’t so keen on a bath have nowhere to run. “The chemicals we select are approved for use on dogs & include flea protectant, soaps, conditioner with fragrance, warm water & dryer.”

Accepts notes, coins + tap & go payments

Vacuums & Vending

Don’t forget the inside of your car. We have high powered vacuums plus vending stations selling things like Little Trees, Amor All wipes & micro fibre towels to help you finish the job.

There’s also a change machine on site for your convenience.

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